Press kit


Press: Vortex Music Magazine

“With just a handful of instantly captivating, moody electropop songs available online for public consumption, Nosila’s sound is one that immediately, and intensely, wraps you in its introspective cocoon of emotion. Delicate vocals float over her deft production, which feels both sparse and complex all at once. And although her voice can come draped in effects, it flows with a confidence that leaves no question of her underlying talent as a vocalist and producer. While the vibe is often dramatic, thanks to the subject matter at hand, sometimes it’s even faintly tropical, and this seamless sonic shapeshifting provides the perfect canvas for the poignant, real-life story she seeks to tell”

-Chris Young, Vortex Magazine


Music: “Of Course I Still Love You” EP

Of Course I Still Love You is a self-produced EP about forgiveness.

Of Course I Still Love You ‘walks through the different stages of the addiction and healing cycle, and examines the complexities that lie on the relational side of it: There is anger, frustration, codependency, failures on all sides, pain, and even joy. Though recovery is important, I didn’t want that to be the focus of the EP. I wanted to be able to say (to my loved one) that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, ‘Of course I still love you.’”

-Vortex Magazine


Live: Doug Fir Lounge

NOSILA has had the privilege of opening for many great artists, but one of her favorite shows was opening for Alison Sudol at the Doug Fir Lounge on August 5, 2019.