Tried a bribe, to catch a ride

To where I thought you were

Way too bright, a suicude

So close I thought I’d burn

Dimmed the light to save my eyes

And needed no applause

I recognized the compromise

So tender with my flaws


You were up in the cosmos

(Can I walk on stars too?

Walk on stars with you)

In a bind, the frame of mind

I plot my way to you

To my surprise, I found you kind

I thought that you were cruel

Way up high you seemed so wise

Detached in outer space

Then we collide we burn hot white

I finally found my place



Yellow sweat stains, shame baptized

Vice it chased you through the night

This religion don't feel right

Pins and needles warm your face

Tells me things that you can't say

truth don't scare me it's ok


Listen to my whisper

As you pull up close

Let it warm your shiver

You’re what I want most

Dirty sheets smell like your pride

Demons dance behind your eyes

They'll get cast out when you cry

Let me save you from your hell

Beaten path circular spell

Safety's not what you know well


Blood on the Floor

There's blood on the floor and I can't get it out

Replaying the moment when it all went down

Fists were flying but I wasn't fast enough

Hoping you'd make it cuz you were so tough


Next time I will fight for you

I'll get bloody and bruised too

I won't be afraid

Next time I will fight with you

Side by side fists up us two

I won't be afraid

There's blood on the floor and it left a big stain

But now like the memory it's starting to fade

There's this feelin’ that I can’t shake

Really it's me who should take the blame


In this together…