Releasing Of Course I Still Love You has been quite a whirlwind: Dark came out on all streaming platforms, I got a single spin on the radio (woo!), some press, and had a really fun house show to celebrate the release!

Often, after something exciting like releasing an EP, I get a little down. I struggle with looking at my work through a critical eye. When a project is finished, I suddenly see all the flaws (I thought I could live with) more clearly.

As I reflect on this EP I see a thread that runs throughout each song; forgiveness. Forgiveness not only for the mistakes of others but even the ones we make.

Forgiveness is not without boundaries and it certainly doesn’t give you, or other people, permission to continue toxic behavior. The best forgiveness is embodied by a love that is strong, gracious, and knows not only when to say yes, but when to say no.

I’m learning how to better love myself and others in a way that's neither codependent or toxic, but it’s difficult! Love is often confused with just being nice...and though love should be kind, it certainly isn’t always nice.

Sometimes love tells you it's time to say hard things to a loved one, and other times it takes you to therapy and your “think about it never” box gets opened up... When love like this pushes you toward forgiveness, it isn't always fun, but I'm here to tell you it's beautiful.

When I made this EP, Of Course I Still Love You, I weaved a silvery thread of hope through the songs. Tough love, forgiveness, and the messiness of being human is mixed in with a silver lining so bright you can't miss it.

Much love,


Alison Segura