Stones In the Dark

If you haven't noticed, I've been struggling a lot with my identity this year. I pivoted away from folk music, moved across the country, and started a day job teaching music. I love it for now, but it doesn't feel like me longterm. However, neither does the hustle to become a famous touring musician either.

Making art and living a balanced life can feel a little like laying stones in the dark; you're never really sure if something is being built, and if it is, you have no idea how it will look when the lights come on.

Despite my struggles, I'm keeping on because art begs to be shared. This is why I opened a Patreon page. Last month when the page went live it felt like another stone in the dark. Yet, little by little, people are assuring me with their pledges and kind words that it will be worth it in the end. Maybe something beautiful will be there when the lights come on after all.


As promised my latest demo is available to Patrons first. If you'd like to hear the song and become a patron click here. BTW, it's only a $1 to join! I'm not trying to make millions off of anyone!

Alison Brook