Yes, sad girl electro pop can be joyful.

Alison Segura, musically known as Nosila, started making music with a classical singing degree in one hand and a guitar in the other. For many years she followed the folk singer/songwriter trajectory but didn’t truly find her voice until moving to Portland Oregon in 2017.

Starting over in a new city meant she didn’t have have access to her usual music collaborators. Rather than jump to fill the vacancies, she decided to try producing herself.

As Alison began to learn how to produce it quickly became clear she was no longer making folk music. In 2018 she rebranded and began releasing music as Nosila.


Creating what she calls “sad girl electropop,” Nosila released two singles in 2018 drawing inspiration from artists like Maggie Rogers, Dirty Projectors, Billie Eilish, James Blake, Lorde, and Sylvan Esso.

Nosila's sound is shaped by ear-worm melodies, filtered vocal layers, minimalistic beats, and sounds borrowed from r&b, indie, and 80s and 90s pop. Her sound helps tell stories about abuse, addiction, betrayal, justice, connection, healing, and of all things, joy!

Yes, sad girl electro pop can be joyful.